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Now you can be notified of all events over email or keep in touch with your fellow PA, NJ, and DE Zarathustis. Simply sign up and you can receive and/or post information to all who join.

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If you want to come to the religion class, please check the locations of the religion class. For inquiries about where the next religion class will be held, please contact Mrs. Freny Ranji.

ZAPANJ Announcements

Save The Dates

Saturday June 14, 2014 at 10am Annual ZAPANJ Picnic at Marsh Creek State Park.

Sunday July 20, 2014 ZAPANJ Kids Picnic at Hersheys Park. (More details to follow as the date gets closer).

New Zapanj Board Members

During the Navroz function, the members voted and elected some new members. Please welcome the new board members.

President Havovi Jokhi
Vice President Cyrus Mehta
Treasurer Shireen Jahanian
Secretary Tanaz Daruwala
Jt. Secretary Marzban Sarkari

On behalf of everyone, we would like to thank the outgoing board members for all their efforts over the past term(s).

Jan 2013 Newsletter

The Jan 2013 Newsletter has been added to the website.

Parsiana Article About Katayun Kapadia

The Parsiana did an article featuring our very own Katayun Kapadia when she became Fezana's newly elected president.

Papeti Function 2012 Photos

The photos displayed at the Papeti function of 2012 can now be seen here.

Navroz Function 2012


Zapanj Board on Facebook Now!

ZAPANJ is cool now because we're on facebook! Check us out and like us at
We'll be using facebook to communicate events going in our community as well as those of our neighboring communities.
As time goes on we will use facebook more and more to manage our events and facility community discussion.

If you don't have a facebook account don't worry you'll still have access to view everything on our facebook page.
If you want to interact with other members on the page and use other features facebook provides you will then need to have a facebook account which is easy to sign up for at

If you have questions about what facebook is and what it can do just ask a teenager. If they can't answer your question then bring it with you to our next religion class March 10th and there will be many people who can help answer your questions.

Fezana Bulletin.

FEZANA Bulletin Vol1_Issue7 (Jan 2012)

Share Your ZAPANJ Photos.

Do you have photographs of earlier or on-going ZAPANJ events/picnics/functions, that you would like to share? If you do and would like to put them up on the ZAPANJ website, please get your photographs on a CD and give them to Nozer Damania and they will be uploaded to our Picasa website.

Zapanj Navroz 2011 Photos.

Thanks to Ammie Singh we now have some really wonderful photos of the ZAPANJ 2011 Navroz celebrations.

If anyone has any objections to their photo being uploaded, please send Nozer an email with the photograph name and we will take it down.

Planting Of Greenery (March 20th 2011)

Dear Friends and Supporters of ZACUCE, Here are a few pictures of the fun we had planting flowers at the ZACUCE site today on the eve of Jamshedi Navroze.

Wish you all could have joined us in the prayers that were led by Ervad Noshir Karanjia and the planting of the flowers by friends and supporters of ZACUCE.

Most Up-To-Date Copy of the Zapanj Constitution

The Zapanj Constitution has been updated. Please click HERE to get an updated copy of the Constitution.

Zapanj Photo Gallery

The ZAPANJ photo gallery has received a new and exciting makeover.

You can check out the new photo gallery by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab on the left.

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If you have any comments about the Zapanj website, or have any articles to post, please contact  Nozer